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Sonja Pauli

Sonja PauliPhysiotherapist and Pelvic Floor-Therapist

In her physiotherapeutic work, she has specialized in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, particularly spinal and pelvic problems.

The techniques and exercises she uses can be used to specifically treat acute and chronic pain such as back pain, headache or shoulder problems. It also focuses on the treatment of gynaecological, urological and proctologic symptoms and pelvic floor disorders.

Apart from manual and fascial techniques, motion and the interaction of posture and breathing play a central role in individual healing gymnastics. Structures, such as the abdominal organs or the jaw joint, are also included in a holistic study.

Languages: German, English, Portuguese


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Qualifications and postgraduate training:

FH-Sankt Pölten
Bachelor of Science for Physiotherapy, diploma 2016

Physio Pelvica (I-IV + certificate)
Visceral Manipulation according to Barral I (abdominal organs 1)
Visceral Therapy (urogenital tract - hip/spine)
Transgender health & gender-affirmative care

Vertigo, headache, migraine
Therapeutic techniques for chronic headache
Psychosomatics from a TCM perspective

Fascia Dystorsion Model (FDM) according to Stephen Typaldos I+II

Fascial Yoga
Yoga in the medical context
Alpha run for physiotherapists


Team physiotherapy

Team body therapy

Team coaching

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