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Arthrosis is a disease of one or more joints. It is usually characterised by joint pain, “run-in” pain during movements and crackling noises. Generally, arthrosis can affect any joint; very often it affects the joints of the fingers, hips, knees and spines.


Therapeutic options at Trinicum

Arthrosis can be treated by a proper therapy. The stage of joint disease is particularly important when selecting the appropriate arthrosis therapy for you.  The further course of your therapy will be discussed in the interdisciplinary TRINICUM team after a thorough diagnosis.

You will be assisted by Dr Gerhard Hobusch (specialist in orthopaedic and orthopaedic Surgery) and Dr. Anton Wukovits (specialist in pain therapy and trauma, among others) during your arthrosis therapy. 
Our range of therapies indlude:
  • infilatrations with hyaluronic acid
  • autologous plasma infiltraion (ACP)
  • stem cell therapy
  • manual therapy and medical massages such as fascial therapy
  • physiotherapy
  • outpatient rehabilitation before and after joint replacement
  • highly intensive laser therapy
  • nutrient medicine
  • medically accompanied training

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