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Acupuncture and TCM

Acupuncture and TCM

Our integrative treatment concept combines the best of two worlds: The medical expertise of classic medicine with the far eastern knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine.

Acupuncture in particular is now scientifically well documented and forms a central pillar of integrative medical treatment. The head of our acupuncture centre is Dr. Günther Malek the vice president, science officer and lecturer of doctors on acupuncture "Ärzte für Akupunktur".

Stimulation of the acupuncture points

Our areas of expertise:

All forms of TCM therapy are offered by an experienced team of doctors and therapists at the centre for integrative medicine: Acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy, Tuina massage and nutritional advice form the basis of the TCM treatment.


AcupunctureStimulation of the acupuncture points with needles is the oldest and most widespread method of healing in the world. For thousands of years disorders have been treated successfully in China in this way.
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Where can acupuncture help?

Where can acupuncture help?Due to the special competence and experience of our experts and the targeted use of innovative technologies, we can offer individually tailored treatments based on the current state of the at and the specific needs of patients.
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Chinese herbal medicine

Chinese herbal medicineTCM medication therapy offers reliable help in the treatment of acute and chronic complaints.
Chinese herbal medicine They can be used as a concomitant therapy to acupuncture and as an individual measure for chronic ailments.
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Tuina & body therapy

Tuina & body therapyTuina and other manual forms of TCM body therapy often complement or offer an alternative to acupuncture treatment. Based on the Meridian science of traditional Chinese medicine they play a particularly important part of the therapy.
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NutritionIn Chinese medicine nutrition forms an important basis for becoming and staying healthy.
Our doctors and therapists are determine and correspondingly evaluate your individual nutrition profile using TCM and modern diagnosis.
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