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Mag. Axel Dinse, MSc.

Mag. Axel Dinse, MSc.Nutrition scientist,
interdisciplinary nutritionist

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Axel Dinse is a certified nutrition and health scientist. His interest is in individual nutritional adaptation. During and after his career as a marathon runner, he became increasingly involved in improving performance and regeneration capacity through nutrition. Ecological and social aspects of nutrition became increasingly important.

In addition to his studies in nutrition and health sciences, he trained as a TCM nutritionist, macrobiotic health advisor, yoga teacher and shiatsu therapist.

At Trinicum, Mag. Dinse works as a holistic nutritionist. The combination of ancient nutritional knowledge with the findings of modern nutritional science forms the basis of his approach to food. He cares for his patients on the basis of their individual profile and helps them to adapt their diet to their current life situation. 

Languages: German, English

Key areas:
  • Weight reduction and stabilization
  • Sports nutrition
  • Nutrition for gastrointestinal disorders
  • Nutrition for metabolic diseases
  • Nutrition for cardiovascular diseases
  • Vegan nutrition
  • Creation of individual nutrition plans and recipes (tasty, fast and healthy)
  • Detoxification of the body
  • Recognizing and avoiding intolerances and pro-inflammatory foods

Qualifications and postgraduate training

Master in Health Sciences (2022)

Master in Nutritional Sciences (1997)

Basic course Spiraldynamik (2006)

Training as a yoga teacher (2000-2002)

Training as TCM nutritionist (1995)

Training as Shiatsu therapist (1992-1995)

Training as macrobiotic health consultant (1992)

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