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Dr. Henriette Ostendorf

Dr. Henriette OstendorfGeneral Practitioner
Microbiome therapy gastrointestinal
Neural therapy

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Dr. Henriette Ostendorf is a general practitioner. Her great interest in complementary medicine methods is reflected in treatment options such as acupuncture and neural therapy. Local anesthetics are used to treat complaints locally at the point of pain, via the associated segment or via interference fields (e.g. scarred or chronically inflamed tissue) and to activate the body`s own regulation.

Dr. Ostendorf focuses on "intestinal health" and therapeutic approaches. Many complaints (functional intestinal complaints with abdominal pain, flatulence, stool irregularities, intolerances and allergies, susceptibility to infections, etc.) can be caused by disturbances in the intestinal immune system, mucosa or flora.

She expands therapeutic and diagnostic options with a combination of conventional and complementary medical methods.

Languages: German, English, basic knowledge of Spanish

Key Areas:
  • Primary care
  • Gastrointestinal checks
  • Preventive examinations (e.g. Trinicum packages)
  • Preoperative OP assessments
  • Training releases
  • Infusion therapy
  • Vaccations
  • Acupuncture
  • Neural therapy

Qualifications and postgraduate training

Neural therapie, in education

Acupunctur, in education

Secondary physician, Emergency Medicine Clinic Floridsdorf, Internal Department Hospital Klosterneuburg

Turnus, University Hospital Tulln (2017)

Teaching practice for general medicine (2013)

Diploma in Human Medicine, Medical University of Vienna (2012)


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Team physiotherapy

Team body therapy

Team coaching

Team training