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Organisation and costs

As non-affiliated physicians or therapists we are not in a direct contractual relationship with any health fund.

Your advantage: we are not subjected to any organisational restrictions. This leaves us sufficient time to consult with you and enables extremely careful and individual care.

One of our prime concerns is to ensure transparent treatment fees that can be planned –  which is why we discuss with you the costs you can expect when we compile your therapy programme.

You will find information concerning organisation and an overview of costs here:


Patients are invoiced directly for physician’s fees. Our fee invoices can then be submitted to the health insurance funds for reimbursement.
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If you are referred to us by a doctor, please bring his/her medical referral with you as this should indicate the duration of the complaint and the diagnosis.
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Body therapy and healing massage

Here you will find information about costs and reimbursement of fees by insurances.
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Nutritional Consulation

If you are referred to our dietitians by a doctor, please bring his/her medical referral with you.
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