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Up to the age of 30 the human body builds up bone mass, which remains constant until the age of 50. Shortly after it will begin to decrease – even in healthy people. We speak of osteoporosis if this reduction in bone mass is premature or more increased. 


As a medical centre for pain therapy, we are specialised in the holistic treatment of osteoporosis. We therefore place great value on treating our patients sustainably and enabling them to build up their bone density and maintain their health. 

Osteoporosis is an insidious disease and the first symptoms are usually inconspicuously. The first signs of osteoporosis are back pain, a reduction in height and bone fractures can also occur more frequently. 

Around 480 000 Austrians are affected by osteoporosis with twice as many women suffering from it. 

It is important to consult a specialist immediately if osteoporosis is suspected. The earlier this disease is treated the better it’s progression can be contained.

The goal of our treatments is to limit bone loss as much as possible and to promote new bone formation. This can be done at different levels. Also diets and targeted exercise are part of the therapy.

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