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Dr. Edith Pöll-Powondra

Dr. Edith Pöll-PowondraGeneral practitioner and manual medicine, osteopath, acupuncture
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Dr. Edith Pöll-Powondra specializes in the diagnosis and therapy of complex pain syndrome. She considers the human being in its wholeness. Every part is connected to every other part, so any change causes a change in the whole.

Edith has developed in long experience from osteopathy, brainspotting and functional myodiagnostics and other procedures a system with which she can trace causes of complex pain syndroms and often solve them very efficiently. In addition, she has specialized in the fasting cure according to the Mayr method.

Languages: German, English

Key areas

Qualifications and postgraduate training

General medicine

Diploma in Manual Medicine

Medical Association Diploma Acupuncture

Diploma Applied Kinesiology

Emergency Physician Diploma

Osteopathy Diploma (DAAO, EROP)
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Team physiotherapy

Team body therapy

Team coaching

Team training