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Information according to the e-commerce law:

Trinicum GmbH
1030 Wien, Schwarzenbergplatz 6
Vienna/ Austria

Telephone: +43 1 907 60 30
email: office[ät]

Managing directors: Günther Malek, Gerald Böss

Business: provision of ordination, treatment and training rooms, organization of an ordination company, trade in goods of all kinds

UID number: ATU72949768

Company register number: FN 480764 g

Commercial register court: Vienna

Chamber affiliation: Vienna Chamber of Commerce

District staff: Vienna

Consumers have the opportunity to address complaints to the EU online dispute resolution platform:
Complaints can be sent to the stated above email address.

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This homepage has only informative character.

The medical facts offered on this website are for general information only and should not be considered as a substitute for visiting the doctor! No responsibility will be assumed for any self-imposed treatment.

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The operator has no influence on the design and content of the linked pages. This declaration applies to all external links contained on this website.

Omissions are excepted

Users acknowledges the use of the homepage and the linked websites at they’re own risk, so that no one involved in the creation of the information is (in-) directly liable for (consequential) damage.

Trinicum GmbH provides only the infrastructure for presenting its offers and qualifications to physicians and physiotherapists. The website operator is not liable in any way for their medical or therapeutic activities.

TRINICUM is a registered trademark.  

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