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Dr. Johannes Hickelsberger

Dr. Johannes HickelsbergerGeneral practitioner, doctor of acupuncture and TCM, microimmuno and ozono therapy

He uses innovative treatments such as orthopaedic magnetic field therapy or high-intensity laser technology. 

A special focus of Dr. Hickelsberger is the complementary therapy of malignant diseases (cancer) by means of photodynamic laser therapy, micro immunotherapy, TCM and mistletoe therapy. All complementary forms of therapy are always carried out together with the methods of school medicine in order to enable safe, effective, but also gentle therapy.

Dr. Johannes Hickelsberger is orator at the ÖGKA (Österr. Gesellschaft für Kontrollierte Akupunktur und TCM) and author of books such as Das Dao der Balance Akupunktur, which appeared in Springer Verlag 2019.



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