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Have you always wanted to know your strength, coordination and flexibility?

Trinicum-Motorik-Test© will show you ...
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Consultation & Registration
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What is Trinicum-Motorik-Test©?
Trinicum-Motorik-Test© is a training-scientific assessment developed by TRINICUM physicians and sports scientists, which captures the most important movement elements of the musculoskeletal system.


Trinicum-Motorik-Test© includes:
  • testing the functionality of the body for strength, mobility and coordination
  • analysis of imbalances of the right/left side of the body, upper/lower extremity
  • stability check
  • shoulder mobility check
  • reaction test
  • creation of the movement profile by means of a diagnostic instrument
  • written evaluation and review

Trinicum-Motorik-TestOn the basis of motor diagnostics, all motor deficits are recorded in a screening procedure. Based on the measurement data, your individual priorities and training goals are determined and defined.

As part of the detailed consultation following the examination, you will receive individual training recommendations tailored to your health and/or sports goal.

Trinicum-Motorik-Test© forms the basis of each training plan and contributes to the continuous determination of the training progress.

Organisation & Costs
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