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Body Therapy and Healing Massage

Holistic therapeutic approaches always involve the body, mind and spirit. We work with high-value organic oils and plant extracts that are specially attuned to the specific problem areas.

Our comprehensively qualified therapists devote their time to looking after your needs in a relaxed atmosphere with no time pressure. If you wish to freshen up after a session or to take a shower before or after your treatment, our facilities are always at your disposal.

Body Therapy and Healing Massage

Medical body therapy

Medical body therapyThe body’s own healing processes are stimulated here - medical body therapy helps with pain, circulatory disorders, inflammatory processes etc.
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Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatments

Traditional Chinese Medicine TreatmentsIn addition to our acupuncture expertise we offer an extensive range of TCM therapies, including Cupping massage and Chinese Tuina massage.
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Healing Massage

Healing MassageThis traditional form of massage is especially beneficial for physical complaints, in particular for pain in the spinal region.
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