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Gastrointestinal Complaints

Although disorders of the gastrointestinal tract can cause considerable problems and it’s not always easy to identify the issues precisely. Diarrhoea, gas, heartburn and constipation are frequent and common symptoms. Yet did you know that a slight cough, hoarseness, fatigue, susceptibility to infection, headache or even menstruation complaints can also be caused by problems in the gastrointestinal tract?

If our gastrointestinal tract is not intact, we can suffer not only health consequences but often also limitations in our private and professional lives. This psychological pressure is often underestimated.


Our special areas of expertise

In order to be able to administer targeted therapy, a precise and definitive clarification and diagnosis are essential. At the Centre for Integrative Medicine, experts from the realms of medicine and nutritional therapy work hand in hand: The combination of medical and nutritional therapy offers the optimal prerequisites for lasting therapeutic success.

The gastrointestinal check

Many people suffering from gastrointestinal problems have gone through several examinations and treatment attempts, all without lasting success.

The integrative gastrointestinal check-ups enable a comprehensive and structured examination to identify the causes behind persisting disorders of the digestive tract.


Multi-dimensional therapy

Our nutritional therapy treatment includes a wide spectrum of therapeutic options, such as vital substance medicine, herbal therapy, acupuncture, etc., in order to restore gastrointestinal function, replenish intestinal flora and regulate metabolism.

Organisation & Costs
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