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There is hardly anyone does not know about headaches and who has not suffered from these occasionally.
But: not every headache is the same.
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Mandibular and Facial Pain

Indistinct mandibular and facial pain is often caused by tension or dysfunction of the mandibular and masticatory muscles.
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Chest Pain

Chest pain is often felt as pressure and blockage, as well as trouble breathing. Such pain frequently appears without an organic cause (such as heart or lung disease).
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Back and Lower-Back Pain

Problems in the area of the lower back often manifest themselves as a stabbing or isolated radiating pain.
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Neck Pain and Tension

Frequently, this type of pain is coupled with a limited range of motion and can radiate from the neck region into the shoulder, arms or head.
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Elbow Pain

Elbow pain can often be persistent, and is frequently caused by stress, such as overstressing an arm during sports (tennis elbow) or carrying heavy objects.
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Pain in the Hip and Groin Area

Hip and groin pain are often described as dully piercing, frequently strongest in the morning and improving with movement and heat.

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Wrist and Knuckle Pain

Pain in the area of the wrist and knuckles are usually accompanied by severe limitation in the range of motion; frequent causes include tenosynovitis, arthrosis, rheumatism or diseases such as complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).
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Knee and Joint Pain

Knee pain frequently stems from stresses like sports or long walking; often, there is a point that is sensitive to the touch. Such pain generally originates from an accident or injury, but can also be caused by wear of the knee joint.
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Foot Pain

Foot pain frequently occurs from physical stress, yet when resting, burning or stabbing pain can occur.
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The main focus of our Centre is the integrative treatment of acute and chronic pain.

To find out more about our individual pain treatment concepts, click on the respective area.
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