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Trinicum team
Group of physicians and therapists working together on holistic, medical (integrative) problem solving.

Dr. Wolfgang Zahornitzky

Dr. Wolfgang ZahornitzkyGeneral practitioner
Master of Science in interdisciplinary pain medicine

Initiator and cofounder of the departments for interdisciplinary pain therapy at the Franziskus Spital Margareten- Vienna
Languages: German and English

Key areas:

  • Acute pain of the musculoskeletal system
  • Chronic and apparently therapy resistant pain syndromes
  • Spineliner treatment
  • X-ray-aided blocking techniques
  • In-patient pain therapy at the Franziskus Spital Margareten

Qualifications and postgraduate training:

Medical studies at the University of Vienna, graduation 1989
General practitioner

Master of Science for interdisciplinary pain medicine
Master degree at the Medical University of Vienna

Spineliner doctor (computer-assisted reflex therapy)

Doctor for special pain therapy (diploma from the Austrian Medical Association)

Neural therapy

Manual medicine (diploma form the Austrian Medical Association)

Nutritional medicine (diploma from the Austrian Medical Association)

Occupational medicine (diploma from the Austrian Medical Association)

Licensed emergency doctor

Diploma of further education from the Austrian Medical Association