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Physical therapies

We offer a broad variety of physical therapies: treatments range from back pain, to rehabilitation after accidents or paralysis. In each situation, the doctor specialising in physical medicine and rehabilitation will decide what the best course of action is for the patient.


Physical therapies
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Methods range from heat and cold treatments, electrotherapy, phototherapy and ultrasound to massages. Essentially, it is about positioning an external stimulus that is processed by the body. Depending on your condition, physical therapy is used to dilate blood vessels, promote circulation, reduce inflammation and stimulate nerves.

Therapies aim to restore vitality and alleviate and heal pain, in addition to being preventative.

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Physiotherapists, massage therapists, sports scientists and doctors from other medical fields are involved in implementing the various therapies. We encourage patients to continue appropriate exercises and therapies regularly and, if necessary, at home. Therapies will only be successful if all participants cooperate.

At Trinicum, the holistic approach with many experts in one place means that the patient’s individual needs can be met.

Our key treatment areas in physical medicine: 


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