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Knee and Joint Pain

Knee pain frequently stems from stresses like sports or long walking; often, there is a point that is sensitive to the touch. Such pain generally originates from an accident or injury, but can also be caused by wear of the knee joint.

Because the knee is the largest and most complex joint in the human body, problems and disorders are also accordingly multifaceted and have various, and often several, causes. The prerequisite to successful treatment of knee and joint pain is thus multi-dimensional care.


Causes and therapy

We only work as invasively as is necessary and as conservative as possible, and we place great value in a lasting, targeted therapy that allows the body the opportunity for regeneration and self-healing.

Dysfunction of the knee joint

The knee joint has a very sensitive mechanism that is especially prone to functional disorders:

Muscle dysfunction

All important muscle chains for bending, stretching, twisting and leaning to the side involve the knee joint. Thus, imbalances in large muscles (muscle chains) can extend over the hip and down to the toes, causing a malfunction of the joint mechanism and extreme pain.

Musculoskeletal system disorders

Further causes of functional knee problems include faulty foot positioning (flat feet, fallen arches, etc.) and disorders of the hips, pelvis and lumbar spine. The source of some knee joint pain can be traced to hip problems, which of course cannot be improved by a knee operation.


Due to high mechanical stress, the knee joint often experiences degenerative processes of the cartilage (wear) or meniscus injuries which repeatedly cause pain and swelling, especially under physical stress.

Integrative therapy


A coordinated therapy is especially vital in the treatment of the knee joint. In our team, doctors work closely with physical therapists and experts from other areas in order to work out the best possible therapy plan for you.
Organisation & Costs
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