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Gerneral Medicine

At Trinicum we have a team of multi-qualified physicians to take care of you; physicians that take sufficient time to take a closer look at your problems and work out individual therapeutic proposals with you.

In addition to basic medical health care we also have a team of over ten specialists in our centre who work as an interdisciplinary team to gain a holistic picture of you as a patient.

General and Preventive Medicine
Overview of our services:
  • therapies with conventional and complementary medical procedures
  • general medical care of children and adults
  • all types of blood tests with our laboratory partner
  • recommendation and guidance for diagnostic radiology ( x-ray, ct scan, mri etc.)
  • assessments for insurances
  • vaccinations and vaccination consultation
  • check of interaction between medications
  • referral to specialist physicians
  • prescriptions for therapists (physiotherapy, massage etc.)
  • prescriptions for medication
  • sick notes (notifications of incapacity to work)
  • preventive check-up on prescription​


Organisation & Costs
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Make an appointment now

You can reach us from Monday through Thursday from 8:00 - 7:00 and Fridays from 8:00 - 3:00 on the following phone number +43 1 907 60 30.