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Gerlinde Seidler

Gerlinde SeidlerMedical masseuse and massage therapist, health and biofeedback trainer

She has extensive expertise in the manual and cognitive treatment of pain and movement disorders. Not only does she master the techniques of medical massages but also uses the methods of segment therapy and manual lymphatic drainage to achieve the desired goal. 

As a trained health trainer she works with biofeedback, especially in the treatment of stress-related or muscular complaints such as headache or hypertension.

Languages: German and English
Key areas:
  • medical massages
  • classical massage
  • segmenttherapy
  • myofascial therapy
  • biofeedback
  • manual lymphdrainage and physical 
  • decongestive therapy
  • foot reflex therapy
  • connective tissue massage
  • acupuncture massage
  • trigger points
  • deep tissue massage
  • laser therapy
  • taping 
  • electromassage, ultrasound, 

Qualifications and postgraduate training

Body and Health Academy Vienna
Diploma in psychosocial health training
Focus: stress-management/ relaxation/ exercise
Graduate biofeedback trainer
BFA - European Biofeedback Academy
Nordic Walking Instructor
Manus Massage School Vienna
Qualification as medical masseuse and massage therapis