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Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is concerned with prevention, diagnostics, various internal medical treatments as well as rehabilitation and aftercare of complaints of the internal organs.

Prevention, so that complaints do not arise in the first place

The field of internal medicine is used by us mainly for preventive medical check-ups and diseases of the internal organs. As a preventive measure, a comprehensive picture of the current health of the internal organs can be drawn using the examination possibilities of internal medicine.

This allows the first signs of illness and any complaints arising to be recognised at an early stage. This is important in that early detection allows for rapid action to be taken, thus significantly increasing the chances of success.

Our internal medicine work includes:
  • abdominal sonography (ultrasound of the abdomen)
  • exercise ecg/ergometry (stress examination of the heart using a bicycle ergometer)
  • echocardiography (heart ultrasound)
  • vascular ultrasound
  • resting ecg
  • thyroid sonography (ultrasound of the thyroid gland)
  • organultrasound
  • osteoporosis diagnostics

Our goal: Your overall physical and mental health

Often we also carry out additional internal examinations due to other diseases or pain. These findings are combined with further examination and therapy results to form an all-embracing patient picture. Our interdisciplinary view also strengthens the holistic medical understanding.

Organisation & Costs
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Dr. Heidemarie Puttinger, your specialist for internal medicine at TRINICUMDrDr. Heidemarie Puttinger is a specialist for internal medicine with an additional subject nephrology.
She is a nephrologist at the Vienna Dialysis Centre.

As a specialist for internal medicine, her main focus is on internal diagnostics and therapy as well as advice on preventive health care and lifestyle modification which is well compatible with everyday life.

She is particularly concerned with the prevention of serious internal diseases and the avoidance of their consequential damage, including high blood pressure, various heart diseases, kidney diseases and metabolic diseases such as diabetes or gout.

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