Nutritional Consultation

Nutritional Consultation

A healthy diet is a vital requirement for a healthy life. That is why you will find specialist medical and nutritional expertise on the topic of nutrition at the Centre of Integrative Medicine.


There are a multitude of various nutritional therapies available today.
We try to filter out the most beneficial method for the individual patient in order to achieve better results and long-lasting success (no yo-yo effect). The decisive advantage of the integrative approach lies in the fact that a diagnosis is made in the team, i.e. experts from other fields of medicine are consulted and involved.



Intestinal Health

Healthy intestine – healthy immune system! We use methods that strengthen your intestinal flora and promote your health. [ » continued ]


“prevention is better than cure" - correct diet helps to prevent illness, to keep you fit longer and to age healthily! [ » continued ]

Wheight Management

Being overweight burdens your body. Losing weight, achieving your ideal weight and keeping it will prevent illness, relieve the joints and enhance self-confidence. [ » continued ]

Nutition in the case of illness

If you are ill you must take care what you eat, because the subjectively correct mix of food helps to alleviate complaints or even cure them altogether. [ » continued ]

Diet optimisation

The wish to remain physically and mentally fit one’s whole life long can be favourably influenced by a healthy diet. We can show you how! [ » continued ]
Our experts
Dr. Günther MalekDr. Günther Malek
Practitioner of general medicine, acupuncture and osteopathic medicine
Dr. Elisabeth YaoDr. Elisabeth Yao
Practitioner of general medicine, acupuncture and Chinese medicine
Dr. Ingrid HobuschDr. Ingrid Hobusch
Practitioner of general medicine, acupuncture and Chinese medicine
Mag. Susanne LindenthalMag. Susanne Lindenthal
Nutritionist and expert in Chinese Medicine dietetics


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