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Healing Massage

Healing Massage

This traditional form of massage is especially beneficial for physical complaints, in particular for pain in the spinal region.

The healing massage is used specifically for physical complaints, in particular for pain in the spinal region. It also helps in cases of muscle tension arising from one-sided burdening, lack of exercise or poor posture.

The loosening and releasing strokes during the massage stimulate the lymph and metabolic system, a balancing effect is achieved on inner organs indirectly via the muscles (e.g. the abdominal region).

Healing MassageBut a massage can also be enjoyed quite simply for relaxation, alleviating stress, harmonisation of energies or invigorating the body.

You will require a doctor’s prescription if you wish to have the costs of a healing massage refunded.

Yow will find more detailed information concerning organisation and an overview of the costs for our massage services here...

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