Integrative medicine is understood as a combination of scientifically well-founded processes from natural medicine and Far Eastern medicine and modern conventional medical findings and methods.


Individual solutions for individual human beings

We are now living in an era of surveys and statistical findings. The state of medical knowledge is correspondingly high. But this knowledge cannot be applied 1 to 1 for every individual. Diseases progress dynamically and are linked with all sociological and psychological levels of a person and his/her respective environment. The progress of therapeutic processes is equally dynamic and must therefore be organised and monitored individually. 

Effective combination of different medical therapies

There are a multitude of medical therapeutic processes available today – from both conventional and complementary medicine. The pragmatic approach of the integrative physician involves selecting those that will be most beneficial for each individual patient. This not only improves the results of the treatment, it also promotes the long-term benefits. 

Targeted, integrated care from physicians and therapists

It is often the case that “one remedy after another” is tried out in the case of chronic complaints. However, the effects of the various therapies can be improved many times over if these are coordinated.
The networked approach of integrative medicine is patient-orientated, individual and long-lasting; sustainable therapeutic successes alleviate pain and improve day-to-day life.
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