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Sylvette Schreiber

Sylvette SchreiberPhysiotherapist and pelvic floor-therapist

Sylvette Schreiber has specialised in the field of pelvic floor and has completed numerous training and continuing education. In addition, it is important to her to include patients to find a common solution.

In addition, she has already gained a lot of experience in orthopaedics and geriatrics. For Sylvette it is important to actively involve patients in the therapy. In doing so, she wants to help them with sensitivity and expertise in achieving the jointly set objectives.

Languages: German, English, French


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Training and further education

Understanding walking - gait analysis
Trigger point therapy module 1

Fascia Tools - Myofascial mobility
Myofascial release

High cervical treatment strategies

Further training in the field of urogynaecology

  • course pelvic floor basic
  • vaginal palpation
  • bright concept - pelvic floor functions and dysfunctions in women
  • rectus diastasis postpartum
  • visceral therapy - urogenital tract lesion chain - hip/spine
  • training during pregnany and after birth


Team physiotherapy

Team body therapy

Team coaching

Team training