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Dr. Alexandra Kunz

Dr. Alexandra KunzSpecialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, general practitioner, manual medicine, general medicine
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Dr. Alexandra Kunz is an expert in physical medicine and rehabilitation. She is a general practitioner and is involved in preventive medicine. In addition, she is currently in training for orthomolecular medicine.

With her comprehension of individual healing processes and enthusiasm for movement and its effect on body structures, she knows how to look at patients holistically and make use of complementary medicine when necessary. She takes into account individual aspects of life such as psyche, profession and social life and takes the necessary time with her patients to explore them.
She takes individual aspects of life  into consideration such as psyche, profession and social life and takes the necessary time for her patients to understand their needs.

Languages spoken: German, English
Key Areas:
  • Hearaches and neck pain
  • back pain 
  • joint pain
  • Overload of the musculoskeletal (Achilles tendinitis, tennis elbow, tendovaginitis, food pain)
  • malpositions and postures
  • functional restricions and paralysis symptoms
  • numbness and insensitivitynum
  • laser medizin

Qualifications and postgraduate training

Physical medicine and general rehabilitation, diploma 2020 

Specialist examination PMR of the Austrian Medical Association (ÖÄK), 2018

General practitioner, diploma 2015

Medical studies, diploma 2011

Psychosocial Medicine, diploma ÖÄK 2018

Manual medicine, diploma ÖÄK 2017

Integrative spa medicine, diploma ÖÄK 2015 

Orthomolecular medicine, ÖÄK start of education 2020 

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