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Medical know-how

Trinicum Training is an innovative training concept developed by Trinicum doctors and sports scientists. It includes essential factors for pain-free movement in order to restore healthy natural movement patterns.

Trinicum Training adapts to personal needs and goals –from athletes to seniors. Every workout schedule is based on a specially developed sports medicine assessment, the Trinicum Motorik-Test. This test forms the basis of every workout schedule: Your training progress is documented and will be adapted continuously to your training goal by our training therapists.

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Unique dual training system

Training with a trainer is not only time-consuming but also expensive and training independently is very error-prone.
With Trinicum Training we have created a dual system that optimally combines supervised and independent training. Our highly qualified training therapists will happily accompany you during your training. Depending on your needs, you can train independently or supervised here at Trinicum.

Highest efficiency and safety through modern training technology

With Trinicum Training you will train with fully automatic training devices equipped with an intelligent training software. All our sport devices automatically adjusts to weight, size and performance level, allowing for highly efficient training (max. effectiveness/time savings).


A screen gives you real-time feedback on all exercises. This guarantees an efficient training. All devices are medically certified, which allows you to complete your individual training program safely and even after an injury or surgery.

Maximum flexibility

The time factor is an essential aspect to integrate training consistently and permanently into everyday life and thus achieve a sustainable improvement. Here at Trinicum Training you are not bound to certain times; the training area is open seven days a week, from 6am until 11pm. Additionally, we offer supervised training times five days a week, in which our trainers support you even outside of your training sessions.

Visible results

Your training progress is electronically collected during Trinicum Training. This allows our experts to regularly adjust your training plan so that you can achieve your set goal.

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Trinicum Training as a long-term medical training therapy

  • reduces pain
  • brings muscles and tissues in ideal condition before surgery
  • makes you fit much faster after surgery
  • improves mobility
  • makes everyday life painless
  • increases security
  • improves coordination
Trinicum Training Technology
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Trinicum Training Technology Excursion


Trinicum Training technology

Dual principle

Training with a personal trainer can be complex and expensive. Training independently can cause many errors and can often even lead to harmful injuries.

With Trinicum Training we have created a dual system that perfectly combines highly professional training support and independent safe training.

How to use it?

During the training, you will be supported and accompanied by both our trainers as well as our state-of-the-art training software.

Before starting your training, our team creates your training plan and programs our fully automatic training devices which are tailored to your needs.

They will also familiarize you with our training-supporting software, so that you can train independently from 6.00 am to 11.00 pm daily. On weekdays, our trainers are on site and are available to answer your questions and problems.

Digital self check-in Digital self check-in

By simply logging into
the digital training station
with your personal
training armband,
all data is recorded from the start.



Trinicum Training as

  • ensures health and performance
  • improves posture
  • keeps pain free
  • reduces weight / shapes the body
  • optimizes the metabolism
Dual training systemTrinicum Training
pursues a dual
system that optimally
combines supervised and
independent training.

'Medical training
is always based on a
medical examination.' (Dr. Malek, Trinicum)

Ready to go:

with the trainer during the test

Motor skills test

The Trinicum Motorik-Test shows us …
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What is the Trinicum Motorik-Test?

Developed by physicians and sports scientists at the Trinicum Zentrum für Integrative Medizin und Schmerztherapie, the Trinicum Motorik-Test is used as a training science analysis, which gaugs the most important movement elements of the musculoskeletal system.

The Trinicum Motorik-Test forms the basis of every training schedule and contributes to the training progress.

Trinicum Motorik-Test
Following the examination,
you will receive training recommendations
tailored to your individual health
and/or sports goals during the consultation
  • Trinicum Motorik-Test content
  • Testing the functionality of the body for strength, mobility and coordination
  • Analysis of imbalances of the right/left side of the body, upper/lower limb
  • Stability check
  • Shoulder mobility check
  • Reaction test
  • Creation of the motion profile using a diagnostic instrument
  • Written evaluation and report review

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