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Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatments

Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatments

In addition to our acupuncture expertise we offer an extensive range of TCM therapies, including Cupping massage and Chinese Tuina massage.

We offer the following types of TCM therapies:

Tuina An Mo Massage

Tuina An Mo is a special massage technique that derives from traditional Chinese medicine. It encompasses around 300 different grip techniques and is based on the meridian and acupuncture system.

"Tui" means "stroke" or "push" and "Na" means "grasp" or "pinch". “An” means “pressure with the fingers, thumbs or the whole hand and “Mo” stands for “gentle rubbing”. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatments

During Tuina An Mo treatment the muscles, ligaments and tendons are loosened thus removing obstructions in the flow of energy. The method involves first gentle and then stronger pushing of the upper layers of skin against the subcutaneous fatty tissue. 

Frequent fields of applications of Tuina massage include:

  • headaches and back pain
  • nervous conditions
  • sleep disorders
  • states of exhaustion, burn-out syndrome


Facial Massage

The face is full of energy channels that can be influenced at the acupuncture points. These are stimulated during the facial massage.
This results in a relaxation of the muscles, improved blood circulation of the skin and smoothing of wrinkles and is also beneficial for other problem zones in the head region.

The massage is soothing and relaxing.

Traditional Facial Massage


Cupping Massage

Cupping MassageCupping is a traditional form of therapy that has a purifying effect on tissue. Glass cups are used during this form of massage to create a vacuum that exercises a sucking effect on blood and lymph vessels. This results in an improvement in blood circulation and metabolism.

The activity of the inner organs is also favourably influenced along the reflex zones and at the acupuncture points. Gentle movement of the cups stimulates the lymph flow.

This type of therapy is particularly beneficial in cases of:

  • back pain         
  • headaches, migraine         
  • diseases of the respiratory tract         
  • digestive problems     
  • cellulite

Moxa therapy

Moxa therapy is a classic Chinese method of healing that  uses burning mugwort to warm special parts of the body and acupuncture points. This stimulates the body’s own power of healing and relieves a number of acute and chronic complaints.

Moxa therapy is particularly beneficial in cases of:

  • pain
  • disorders of the respiratory system
  • headaches
  • gastro-intestinal complaints
  • weakness of the bladder and kidneys
  • immunodeficiency
  • birth preparation
  • menstrual complaints
  • circulatory disorders​

Medical body therapy

Medical body therapyThe body’s own healing processes are stimulated here - medical body therapy helps with pain, circulatory disorders, inflammatory processes etc. [ more... ]

Healing Massage

Healing MassageThis traditional form of massage is especially beneficial for physical complaints, in particular for pain in the spinal region. [ more... ]