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Sabela Tatter Schacht

Sabela Tatter SchachtTCM practitioner, tuina an mo therapy, psychotherapie in training, special pain therapy

At TRINICUM Mrs. Tatter Schacht is an expert on tuina therapy, laser acupuncture and pain therapy. As an academically trained TCM therapist she has gained many years of experience in both body therapies and it’s scope.

Headaches and other chronic diseases can be treated with tuina since it’s one of the most effective manual forms of body therapy. She works with a 12-point laser, a form of laser acupuncture. This is a pain free but very effective alternative to a conventional needle acupuncture.

With a special focus on psychosomatics and specialisation in the treatment of patients who suffer of pain, she can help lead a more painless life. 
Languages: German, English, Spanish
Key areas:
  • tuina an mo massage
  • laser acupuncture and laser therapy
  • pain consulation

Qualifications and postgraduate training 

Training in special pain psychotherapy
Master program for psychotherapy at the University of Krems 

Myofascial therapy and teaching meridian according to Haas

Tuina therapy training 

Four year TCM study:
  • Apprenticeship as a TCM therapist: Tuina an mo massage, phytotherapy/herbal therapy, acupuncture, moxa and cupping, diet according to the five elements
  • pain therapy using zone acupuncture
  • dermatologist/ cosmetic acupuncture
  • shen and mental illness at TCM

Master’s degree in German Philology