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At Trinicum we treat the whole body.

It is our aim to develop an individual treatment plan together with you as a team, which will respond to your concerns so that you can work in the best possible way. We believe that every human being has an untapped potential to become more efficient, stronger and less painful. We explore, identify and treat the underlying causes of pain and dysfunction, rather than just relieving your symptoms.

We are highly qualified and certified specialists.....

...who focus on your physical improvement while recognizing the effects of mental, emotional and nutritional stress on your body.


We are committed.

We bring our knowledge and treatment strategies to life through our innovative and cooperative treatment approach.
We consider it a privilege and an honor to help our patients.
We do everything we can to help our patients in their rehabilitation process and set ourselves high standards in the quality of our work. Ongoing training in our specific areas of expertise and regular participation in team conferences are the basis of our therapeutic work.

Our goals are your goals.

This requires a team approach between the individual Trinicum team members and you as a patient...and a little fun!

The multidisciplinary Trinicum Team strives to treat every patient who enters our facility with an individual approach in order to best achieve individual needs and goals. Since we are an integrative medical centre with several treatment focuses, our patients have many possibilities to promote their treatment success.

We pursue a holistic approach to treatment, in which our doctors and therapists look beyond the mere symptoms of the complaints to determine whether there is an underlying cause of the complaints, which then needs to be treated to prevent relapses. When our patients achieve their goals both clinically and personally, we encourage them to continue to take preventive action to help them maintain a healthy, pain-free lifestyle.