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Medical Fitness/ Trini Training

Trini Training® is a medical training concept developed by Trinicum doctors and sports scientists. It contains the essential factors for painless movement to restore healthy natural movement.

The holistic movement therapy is adjusted to your personal needs by Trinicum sports scientists and physiotherapists. For this purpose, an individual training plan is created, taking into account the diagnosis, as well as all previous injuries, previous and accompanying illnesses and personal goals. This includes exercises from the areas of strength training, coordination and stabilisation training, mobilisation training and endurance training.


Strength training is the most effective way to maintain and develop muscle strength and mass and should be an integral part of a balanced lifestyle. In the foreground of rehabilitative muscle training is the unhindered performance of everyday activities, employability and leisure activities.

Individual muscle groups are specifically trained on our fully automatic strength training machines in order to restore the muscular balance in the body. In addition, the focus is on learning functional and complex movements.


Targeted coordination training promotes balance, motor skills and, last but not least, the restoration of safe movement sequences. Coordinative exercises strengthen our performance through the improved interaction of nerves and muscles and at the same time train the corresponding brain regions.


In addition to our unique "spinal balance" program for back pain and herniated discs, we help you with all types of joint pain, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and rheumatism. Treatments according to medical findings focus on pain reduction, pain therapy and freedom of movement in order to restore the individual
quality of life.