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Mag. Kathrin Malek

Mag. Kathrin MalekBiofeedback trainer

Mag. Kathrin Malek is a certified biofeedback trainer and works with biofeedback for the treatment of stress-related diseases since 2006.

Biofeedback can help exposing stress patterns and unconscious body reactions, such as muscle tension or breathing, and can be measured and graphically displayed in real time. This allows the patient to get to know their own reaction patterns better and thus can exert influence.

Mrs. Mag. Malek has many years of experience and expertise in diagnostics and therapy through biofeedback, especially in the treatment of pain such as head ache and neck pain, hypertension and pelvic floor muscle weakness and incontinence. 

Languages: German and English

Key areas - Biofeedback trainer for support in the case of:

  • tension and hypertension
  • headache and back pain
  • pelvic floor weakness and urinary/incontinence
  • stress 

Qualifications and postgraduate training:

Qualifications and postgraduate training

Journalism and communication studies

Postgraduate psychotherapy course (propaedeutic)

Graduate biofeedback trainer
BFA - European Biofeedback Academy

Diverse advanced and postgraduate training in the fields of cognitive behaviour therapy, bodywork techniques, mental and relaxation training, etc.