There is hardly anyone does not know about headaches and who has not suffered from these occasionally.
But:  not every headache is the same. Conventional western medicine recognises over 180 different types of headache (International Headache Society, 1988).
Häufige Kopfschmerzauslöser nach Dr. Malek The differentiation criteria refer primarily to the type, severity and duration of the headache.

However the diagnosis also takes into account other attendant symptoms and other illnesses that could be possible causes of the headache.

To improve symptoms on a long-term basis, we need to find the causes and possible triggers for headache and apply targeted therapy.

For this reason we recommend that our patients keep a record of when, in which connection and how long the headaches last and “what they are like”. The Headache Diary can help here.

Competence Centre for Headache

We consider a differentiated, multi-dimensional diagnosis to be a prerequisite to maximizing therapeutic success.


Kopfschmerzen Due to the special qualification of our headache experts and the networking of the most varied of specialist fields, we can offer headache patients a wide spectrum of treatment options.

For headache treatment, this results in a much larger chance for long-term therapeutic success than in a one-dimensional therapy, such as one which focuses purely on drugs.

Identify common headache types

Some reference values for better understanding:

Tension headache

A mild to moderate headache that lasts for 10 minutes to 72 hours


A moderate to very severe headache lasting 4 to 48 hours and that is often linked with other symptoms such as nausea or sensations

Vertebral or cervicogenic headache

Headache due to disorders of the spine or its muscles

Rhinogenous headache

Headache caused by inflammation of the nose and the nasal sinuses

There are some in part very effective drugs available nowadays for headaches. evertheless, the treatment of headaches with the medicinal therapy of conventional medicine is often unsatisfactory, standard treatment reaches its limits especially where migraine is concerned.

The headache check-up

Headaches can have a wide variety of causes, and we thus analyze them using a diversity of medical approaches (conventional medicine, TCM, osteopathy, psychosomatics, etc.).
Based on such a multi-dimensional examination, the individual pain factors can be distinguished in a targeted manner, and the corresponding therapeutic steps can be initiated.

The headache check-up includes:

  • extensive case history, physical examination
  • neuromuscular stress reaction test
  • consultation of the findings with the physician
  • TCM examination
  • osteopathic examination
  • initial therapeutic measures
  • start of further examinations (if necessary)
  • Plan of measures taking the life situation into consideration

Integrative therapy

Integrative therapy for headache / Click to enlarge Our integrative therapy is based on the headache analysis, addressing on the one hand any headache-sustaining and triggering factors while on the other also strengthening the organism in a targeted matter, in order for it to become more resistant to headache.

Integrative therapy in this case means implementing targeted and coordinated therapy and matching individual procedures to the respective symptoms. 

We would be happy to answer your questions in person on the topic of headache and integrative diagnosis and therapy.
Our experts
Dr. Günther MalekDr. Günther Malek
Practitioner of general medicine, acupuncture and osteopathic medicine
Dr. Elisabeth YaoDr. Elisabeth Yao
Practitioner of general medicine, acupuncture and Chinese medicine


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