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Dr. Bernadette Calabek-Wohinz

Dr. Bernadette Calabek-WohinzMedical specialist for neurology, chinese diagnosis and medical therapy

Dr. Calabek-Wohinz works as a neurologist at the university hospital in St. Pölten. She treats both patients with strokes and also patients with chronic neurological conditions.
In particular neurology focuses on prevention and optimization, e.g. vascular risk factors. Among other things, TCM focuses on the prevention and early detection of diseases. The possibility of seeing people holistically is special treatment for patients. Also creating an individual treatment concept is a holistic concept of the future. 
Languages: German, English, basic knowledge French


Key Areas:

Qualifications and postgraduate training

Senior physician of the neurology department at the Universitätsklinikum St. Pölten 
Medical specialist of the department of neurology at the SMZ-Süd.

Apprenticeship and in-service training: 

Medical specialist of the department of neurology, research stay at Ann Arbor, neuromuscular ambulance (University of Michigan)

Clinical electromyography certificate (ÖGKN)

Acupuncture diploma (ÖGA)

Chinese diagnosis and medication therapy


Team physiotherapy

Team body therapy

Team coaching

Team training