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​Claudia Hötsch

​Claudia HötschPhysiotherapist
In maternity leave

Languages: German and English
Key areas:
  • preventive physiotherapy
  • conservative and postoperative spinal column rehabilitation
  • physiotherapy after orthopedic and accident surgery
  • posture correction (sport and work specific)

Qualifications and postgraduate training

Graduate of the Academy of Physiotherapy at the Vienna Wilhelminenspital, diploma 2003
Acupucture massage according to Penzel
Medical training therapy
Vertigo and tinnitus
Kinesio taping
Manual therapy according to Maitland Level 1-3
Myofascial Trigger point therapy Part 1-3
Applied physiology of the musculoskeletal system
Local stability of joints – training course on lumbar spine and sacroiliac joint, cervical spine and scapula
ESP extended scope physiotherapy
Physio energetics Part 1-2
Cranio sacral therapy I and II according to Upledeger
ESP sports physiotherapy
Therapeutic climbing
Holistic scoliosis treatment