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About us

"Doing more for the patient than just prescribing medication" was Dr. Günther Malek`s motivation when, many years ago, he began to intensively study integrative healing methods such as acupuncture or osteopathy.

He observed that the cause-oriented integrative approach not only improved the outcome of treatment, but also benefited people with pain disorders in particular through more individual, gentle therapy methods and the associated improvement in quality of life. Dr. Malek`s vision was to put together a team of like-minded experts to provide his patients with pain-medical all-round care under one roof.

Integrative medicine

In 2008, this led to the foundation of the "Integrative Medizin Schwindgasse" in the 4th district.
The practice Dr. Malek was expanded and a generous physiotherapeutic practice was added. Together they were able to improve the holistic pain-medical care of the patients.
Over the years, the medical practice was successfully extended and developed into a "Center for Integrative Medicine" with a team of 16 experts from various fields of medicine, physiotherapy and body and nutrition therapy.

In order to further develop the integrative treatment concept and to expand the constantly growing centre, the team of experts discussed with Dr. Malek at the monthly team conference about optimal conditions for sustainable pain-medical care of all patients. The idea of offering outpatient rehabilitation and medical training embedded in the proven pain medicine infrastructure was developed. The common vision was to provide the patient with an overall concept from acute pain care to individual rehabilitation and active supervised training.

This dream came true in 2019, when the Center for Integrative Medicine became Trinicum to meet all patient needs in the field of sustainable individual pain therapy and prevention. We thus fulfil the wish of many patients to actively accompany and competently support them on their way to painlessness and health maintenance.

Trinicum is a new 1000 square meter pain medical health and training center at Schwarzenbergplatz 6. This location in the heart of Viennas 3th district captivates with its beautiful neoclassical architecture of the "Palais Fanto" combined with natural modern architecture.

It is the culmination of years of dedication and hard work and truly will be an epicentre for health and well-being.